Actuarial & Risk Management Consulting

S G Actuarial Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd. offers Actuarial and Risk Management Consultancy Services to both Insurance and Non-Insurance Companies. Risk Management Support / Guidance offered is for any Company.

At present Services offered are more Strategic / Technical Support than an Appointed Actuary Role. The Company specializes in offering additional Internal Support on a Temporary / Project Basis. They are able to take on Life and General Insurance related work.

And all Projects will be handled personally by the Managing Director who is a Fellow Actuary.

The Consultancy has worked with 7 Companies.

Following are examples of the work done so far:

  1. Providing Advice / Support to the Management to improve their Actuarial and Risk Management Practices
  2. Offering Strategic Support to add value to the Client’s Operations
  3. Advising on the Client’s Financial / Solvency Position (under RBC) and suggesting possible improvements
  4. Assessing Compliance with Regulations (including RBC) and Internal Requirements of the Client
  5. Conducing various checks on Data, Models, Assumptions used by the Client for the Actuarial Valuation and suggesting improvements adding substantial value to the Client
  6. Identifying Methods to improve the Processes and Procedures of the Client
  7.  Conducting Profitability Analysis
  8. Supervising the Actuarial Work conducted internally by the Client on Various Projects such as Experience Studies
  9. Preparing / Reviewing standardized Documentation on areas such as Risk Management, Investments, Asset Liability Management, Operational Manuals to be the Board approved Company Policy
  10. Aiding Clients to set their Business Continuity Planning Process

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Actuarial Training

S G Actuarial Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd. offers Group Actuarial Training Sessions mainly for Non-Actuarial Professionals.

The Standard Programmes presently offered are as follows:

  • Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Life Insurance
  • Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Life Insurance
    (Sales & Marketing)
  • Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – General Insurance
  • Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Group Term
  •  Risk Based Capital (RBC) both for Actuaries and Non-Actuaries
  • Insurance Products from an Actuarial Perspective
  • Risk Management Training

We are able to cater Training Programs as per Organization requirement as well as have Sessions exclusive for one Organization.

Sessions are open to anyone interested in Actuarial Science who wish to gain a high level understanding of the Covered Topics.

We have trained participants from 30 Organizations. The Organizations are Insurance Companies, Regulatory Bodies, Fund Managers, and Software Developers etc. And the Participants come from various backgrounds such as Finance, Operations / Technical, Underwriting / Claims / Product Development, Internal Audit, Compliance, Group, Marketing, IT, Risk Management, Actuarial, Legal etc.

Overseas Participants are welcome and up to now the Participants have been from 7 Countries.

Class Room at the Company Premises


The Training Sessions were initially offered in a Class Room Environment. At present, Sessions are offered via Zoom given the prevailing situation. However, the Company is fully equipped to offer face to face Sessions at the Company Premises in the future. We are also willing to offer Training Sessions at the Client’s Office. We intend to offer all above options in the future.

All Training Sessions will be delivered personally by the Managing Director who is a Fellow Actuary.

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