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Who is an Actuary?

As per the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries, UK “Actuaries are Problem Solvers and Strategic Thinkers, who use their Mathematical skills to help measure the Probability and Risk of Future Events. They use these Skills to predict the Financial Impact of these Events on a Business and their Clients.”

The Subject of Actuarial Science cover several areas such as Life (Long Term) Insurance, General (Non-Life) Insurance, Risk Management, Investments and Pensions. Hence, globally Actuaries work not just in Insurance Companies but also fields of Risk Management / ERM for both Financial and Non-Financial Organizations as well as roles connected to Investments.

What We Offer

We understand that Actuarial Science being a highly Technical Area of Expertise is not easily understood by everyone. We help you understand.

Our support is both in the form of Training as well as Internal Support Services. We will help you understand Actuarial Science using Non-Technical Methods & Language and enable more productive communication with your Actuaries. Due to Our Experience we are able to adopt a Holistic Approach when helping you.

As we offer Risk Management Support our Clients are not just Insurance Companies.

Mission Statement

To provide High Quality Actuarial Support Services without compromising on Professionalism and Ethics

Vision Statement

To bridge the gap between Non-Actuarial Professionals and Actuarial Science not just in Sri Lanka but Worldwide

Core Values

Integrity – Professionalism – Reliability – Commitment – Consistency – Efficiency – Innovation


We have received very positive feedback on the Consultancy Services and Training Programmes we offer. Here is what persons from various Professions and Organizations are saying about our Consultancy Services and Training Programmes.


Reviews of the Consultancy Services

Mr. Prakash Schaffter,

Executive Chairman,

Janashkthi Insurance PLC

Mr. Judhajit Sen,

Former Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

LIC (Lanka) Ltd.

Mr. Lalith Fernando,

Chief Executive Officer,

MBSL Insurance Company Ltd.

“We wanted specialized input on an Ad-Hoc Project. Hence, we engaged with S G Actuarial Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd. to receive input from Saroja who has a strong Actuarial, Insurance and Regulatory background.

She was able to complete the work within a very short period to a level that was very satisfactory to us. We have no hesitation in engaging with the Consultancy again as and when the need arises.”

Mr. Ruwan Sugathadasa,


Ambeon Holdings PLC 

Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer

Taprobane Capital Plus (Pvt) Ltd.

“We engaged Saroja’s Consultancy S G Actuarial Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd. for about 2 Years for Risk Management Support primarily for our Financial Sector Companies. She was able to provide the required support. We found her Documentation Skills to be Exceptional and she developed Standard Procedure and Compliance Documents for a variety of areas.

Given her thorough knowledge of Insurance, she also supported the Group to streamline their General Insurance Arrangements.

We would certainly engage her in our future related work.”

Reviews of the Training Services

Mr. Dimantha Mathew

Chief Research & Strategy Officer

First Capital Holdings PLC

Introduction to Actuarial Concepts

“The insurance related training covering products, insurance contract liability, surplus and RBC conducted by Saroja Gunatilleke was exceptionally insightful and well-structured. Saroja was able to simplify complex concepts for all to easily understand.

This was a very interactive training session which gave us the chance to ask questions and clarify all doubts in the process. Saroja’s approachable demeanor and attitude was highly commendable.

It was indeed a great experience to learn from an industry expert. This training was immensely beneficial for all participants, giving them a deep insight into the intricacies of the insurance industry.

I highly recommended this program to all seeking to learn about the insurance industry.”

Ms. Dharini Fernando

ACII, Chartered Insurance Practitioner and Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist

George Steuart Insurance Brokers Limited

Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries (General Insurance)

“Saroja is a very good teacher and the course running in to consecutive 7 sessions of 3 hours each was packed with insightful information. As I am increasingly involved in cyber insurance, the course for non-actuaries was a helpful reminder to consider actuarial principles and concepts when assessing risk exposures and impact on financials.”

Mr. Ravindra Mohan

Vice President Consulting & Business Development,

Aetins Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Life Insurance & General Insurance

“I recommend this course to all those Life Insurance Professionals, who are keen to understand Actuarial aspects of Pricing, Cashflows, Reserving, RBC etc.

I attended this course and found it beneficial. While I knew these topics to some extent before, attending this, definitely helped me deepen my insights into each of these areas. Quite useful for a person like me, who don’t want to be an Actuary, but, want to know what an Actuary does 😊

A well structured course by Saroja.”

Mr. Shenal Abeywardena,

Assistant Manager – Group Life,

Janashakthi Insurance PLC

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Life Insurance & Group Term

“I had the privilege of attending S G Actuarial Consultancy’s Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries and coming from a sales background, I got a holistic view of how important it is consider various factors when it comes to being successful in Life Insurance. Most of the time, Sales Manager and Sales heads only look at the top line and doesn’t take into consideration Products & Product Profitability and how everything plays apart on the Company’s success”.

Mr. Jude Silva,

Head of Marketing,

Janashakthi Insurance PLC

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Life Insurance

“I was privileged to take part in the Actuarial Training Sessions conducted by Saroja which greatly helped me in understanding the basics of Insurance Theoretical and Technical Studies from an Actuarial point of view.

Especially as I am coming from a non-technical background and involved in Brand Management this was a new experience for me. However, the simplicity in which the concepts were explained and interactive nature of the way it was conducted helped me in getting a wide exposure which I am no doubt would help me in Product Development and Marketing Activities.”

Mr. Thayakone Inthavong,

Broker Assistant,

Asia Reinsurance Brokers Pte Ltd., Singapore

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – General Insurance

“This is indeed a very useful training course for not only the personnel who are working in Insurance industry regardless of the position and experiences. However, also it has unfolded certain aspects and deepen the knowledge necessary for Reinsurance as well.

Above all, the most important things that we achieved from this training course are the very well prepared lessons with comprehensive knowledge provided or guided by a passionate and experienced actuary.

One of the quality Actuarial Training Course!”

Mr. Chandara Touch,

Senior Manager – Underwriting Division,

Forte Insurance (Cambodia) PLC, Cambodia

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – General Insurance

“This course is useful for me and I got more ideas related to Risk Management Method & Strategy.”

Ms. Saumya Dediyagala,

Executive – Business Development and Services

CF Insurance Brokers

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries (General Insurance)

“It was a great opportunity to participate in the Actuarial Training Programme conducted by Ms. Saroja Gunatilleke which helped me to get knowledge of Actuarial work including Risk Management.

All things learnt are very useful for my day to day work and also future work in my career.

Thanks to Ms. Saroja for a well-organized Training Programme with clear and attractive presentations and supportive handouts. Especially thanks for the help to clear all doubts relating to the lessons by explaining very well with examples.

This is an excellent Training Programme that can be recommended for those who are interested to learn about Risk Management, Actuarial Functions, Reinsurance and many more.”

Sahan Amarasinghe,

Senior Manager – Health Underwriting

Fairfirst Insurance Ltd

Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries (General Insurance)

“Throughout the course, it helped me to understand the framework and gain the practical knowledge on each session.

It was an eye awakening session to see the impact to company financials by the decisions that we are taking in our day to day lives as an underwriter.

All sessions were filled with practical examples and we were given the chance to clear our doubts then and there. Also, Saroja conducted the session with such enthusiasm that it did not felt that we were spending three hours for a session.

All in all, it is a session that I recommend to all underwriters and claims personals to participate and increase their knowledge. Thank you Saroja for an insightful course, I did learn a lot.”

Mr. Manoja Abeygunawardena

Manager – Technical

Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd.

Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries (General Insurance)

“I am grateful for the opportunity to enroll in S G Actuarial Consultancy’s Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries in following key areas.

1. Products
2. Product Development & Pricing
3. Reserving (Premium & Claims)
4. Risk Based Capital (RBC)
5. Investments & Asset Liability Management
6. Risk Management
7. Reinsurance

 Saroja’s depth of knowledge and her ability to simplify complex actuarial concepts made me see how the content connected to my day-to-day work. The sessions were well-structured & Saroja’s dedication and passion for teaching was evident.

 Thank you so much Saroja Gunatilleke for helping us to grasp intricate details in the training in actuarial domain & special thanks to Allianz Lanka for nominating me for this programme.”

UK-based Participant with a Finance. Background working in a Reinsurance Company

Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries (General Insurance)

“Saroja is an expert in Actuarial industry and delivered the training session on technical concepts by referring to illustrative examples by making it smooth to understand complex topics. The course is designed in a way to deliver fundamental aspects of Actuarial concepts.

Throughout the session, she showed her enthusiasm towards consulting and responsive to all of our questions.

This training session gave a stepping stone to refresh the fundamental principles of the Actuarial concepts which can be directly applied to on the job tasks.

Thanks again Saroja and I wish you all the best.

Samuel Arulanandan

A/L Student

Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries (Life Insurance Financial Aspects)

“The Life Insurance – Financial Aspects course conducted by Miss Saroja Gunatilleke was a very insightful course, especially for a beginner like me who’s hoping to get into the Actuarial field. Everything was very clearly explained from the basics onwards and I was able to get a good idea of the subject even though I had no prior experience in this field.

The notes were also really great as they were very well detailed and emailed in advance, so they could be read before each session which was helpful.”

Mr. Mahendra Wilegoda,

former Head of Life Operations,

Janashakthi Insurance PLC

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Life Insurance & Group Term

“As a life assurance technical person we do experience and involved with many Actuarial related work functions in our day to day business and it was a great experience to study concepts of Actuarial Science in an organized and simplest manner with easy to understand.

This two Months weekend study Course enabled us great insights into the practical aspects of a complex subject in more simplified way with peace of mind and with more focus.

I should be thankful to you for enabling us to understand the practical aspects of an Actuarial concepts in a simplest way and I am sure the main concepts we learned on Product Development, Pricing and Profitability Testing shall add value to our immediate business perspectives.”

Mr. Hashra Weerawardena,

General Manager – Life Operations,

Janashakthi Insurance PLC

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Life Insurance & Group Term

“For those of us who are non-actuaries and from difference fields of expertise in the Insurance Industry it was a great experience learning about the concepts of Actuarial Science in a simple and easy to understand way.

Your 2 Months Course gave us great insights into the practical aspects of a complex field of study. It was time worth spending specially on Sunday mornings!

I am sure we will not only remember but use in our daily work the key concepts that were discussed within this short period.

Thank you for enabling us understand the practical workings of an Actuary in the simplest way!”

Ms. Chantrea Sam,

Actuarial Assistant Manager,

Forte Life Assurance, Cambodia

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Life Insurance & Group Term

“I enjoyed attending S G Actuarial Consultancy’s Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries and learned a lot from it. The content was short but quite informative and completed everything within several hours. I highly recommend to the top management who are looking for a short training for their staff to increase their competences.”

Ms. Ruwani Dharmawardana ,

DGM Compliance, Risk & Corporate Planning ,

Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Ltd.

“The Actuarial modules for Non-Actuaries conducted by Saroja was a very useful, successful course as a whole for me being a Commercial Lawyer, working in the leading Stated owned insurance company in Sri Lanka. I found modules like Asset-Liability Management, Risk Based Capital, Risk Management and Reserving were very useful.

In fact, this is a very rare opportunity to explore the underlying theories and assumptions based on which Actuaries work on which are equally important for Non-Actuaries as well.

Saroja gave us ample opportunities to ask questions and also she was always willing to share her knowledge without attempting to make Actuarial Science a mystery to Non-Actuaries. I would like to highly recommend the course to any future followers.”

Mr. Srean Mengsrin,

Actuarial Staff,

Dai-ichi Life Insurance (Cambodia) PLC, Cambodia.

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries (Life Insurance) – Reserving & Pricing

“After I finished the sessions, I knew a lot, especially on Reserving and how we can build Actuarial Models using Assumptions.”

Mr. Faique Hassen,

Senior Manager – General Underwriting & Reinsurance

Amana Takaful PLC

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries (General Insurance)

“Thank you very much for conducting an interesting training program. Your training materials were precise to the local context and regulatory practices.

You made this an interactive session by allowing us to inquire about our doubts specific to the module and beyond. I believe this is a program for Non-Actuaries to learn about Actuarial Science to Insurance business in a simpler way.”

Rebekah Gatome,

Graduate in Actuarial Science

KCA University, Kenya

Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries (General Insurance)

“I was privileged to attend Saroja’s online lectures. Though I did actuarial in university, she explained the concepts extremely well, ensuring you understand. Her notes are detailed and understandable. I would recommend one attend this course if you wish to have a deeper understanding of reinsurance, risk management, and cashflows.”

Mr. Pulara Jayasinghe

Executive – Credit Risk and Analytics

People’s Leasing & Finance PLC

Introduction to Risk Management

“I take this moment to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional Financial Risk Management Training program that you conducted for our organization.

Your expertise and dedication were evident throughout the training sessions, and your ability to impart complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner was truly remarkable. The depth of knowledge you shared and the practical insights provided invaluable guidance for our team members.

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation and thank you once again for your invaluable contribution to our organization. Your training program has equipped us with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage financial risks.

I sincerely wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Warm regards!”

Mr. Chathura Kehelpannala

Deputy General Manager 

Delmege Insurance Brokers

Introduction to Pricing & Reserving (General Insurance)

“Thank you very much Saroja for a well-organized Training Programme with clear and attractive presentations and supportive handouts. Throughout the session, she showed her enthusiasm towards consulting and responsive to all of our questions.”

Dr. K D U D Fernando

Senior Lecturer – Department of Accountancy Finance

Faculty of Management Studies, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries (Life Insurance Financial Aspects)

“I would say this training program was comprehensively planned and delivered in an exemplary
manner, so the content was precious.

The training program expanded my scope of RBC as risk management concerning the life
insurance industry. I could deeply understand the operations and planning of the life insurance
process with its pricing aspects behind the theoretical aspects. Comprehensive actuarial
calculations for the RBC reserving were a major area of study for everyone interested in the
insurance field.

Further, I would like to suggest these actuarial calculations on product pricing and reserving for
RBC are required for students and researchers who focus on life insurance and the financial

Mr. Menuka Fernando,

Management Assistant – Finance Department,

National Insurance Trust Fund (NITF)

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – General Insurance

“I was prerogative to participate the actuarial training sessions as a member of NITF which conducted by Ms. Saroja. These sessions were very productive and practical while applying the theories for mechanism of Data Analysis and drafting the Reports.

Especially, when working under the Finance background, her theories are very convenient for Solvency and Risk Analysis.

The doubts and misinterpretations that had been met before in preparing Actuarial Reports could get cleared, because of Saroja’s well organized course materials.

I learnt about lots of areas from these GI Actuarial Training Sessions and they were very impressive. They are closely related to my workings under Finance and Actuaries.

Mr. Patkunarajah Kugesan,

Manager Risk and Control,

HNB Assurance PLC

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Life Insurance & General Insurance

“Very well organized and conceived, course materials were good, the mentoring approach was good, and working with other people via the Zoom was good.

The instructor did a good job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement. Saroja is very good about getting me through difficult issues and keeping in touch with the class and I think it’s a very solid course for Non Actuaries to learn about Actuarial Science related to Insurance business. I learned a lot.”

Ms. Ugyen Choden,

Assistant Manager – Risk Management Division,

Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited, Bhutan

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – Life Insurance & General Insurance

“The course overall was great. I have undergone the whole of 3 Training Sessions under General Insurance and 9 Sessions under Life Insurance with Ms. Saroja.

Even though the Training Program was designed for Non-Actuarial I found the Training Program useful as it covered both Theoretical and Practical Aspects of a wide range of areas relating to Actuarial work including Risk management which is my current practice area.

This is an excellent Training Program especially for those Actuarial Professionals who are starting their career in Insurance industry as it is easy to relate it to day-to-day work.”

Miss. Nisali Kulara Samarakoon ,

Operations Manager,

Rinkoon Lanka Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd.

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – General Insurance

“As a newcomer to this industry, I suggest everyone join this session (Life or General). This course will definitely, help you with all the doubts you face every day and gives you an overall idea of what is happening in the industry. I learned a lot from this session which lead me to face every challenge with a correct mindset of answers.

Thanks to Saroja madam, it was well organized and she helped us with every single uncertainty we had.

I am glad that I got the opportunity to learn about the actuarial aspect related to product features, pricing, reserving, RBC, reinsurance, risk management etc.

Lastly, I would like to say that this course will surely add value to your life.”

Mr. P. Ashok,

Assistant Manager – Motor Claims,

MBSL Insurance Co. Ltd.

Actuarial Training Programme for Non-Actuaries – General Insurance

“It was pleasure to participated in the Actuarial Training program for Non Actuaries conducted by Ms. Saroja Gunatilleke which greatly helped me in understanding the Actuarial functions.

It is definitely a worthwhile course to who are wish to learn and develop their career in the Insurance field.

The way of presenting the lessons was very interesting and helpful to understand. Well organized and conceived, the course materials were good. The course contents are very knowledgeable. Highly appreciated the way of answering to the participant’s questions.

I highly recommend to the Insurance professionals to participate this valuable program to improve their knowledge and skills.”

Sanduni Umayangi,


SLIIT University

Actuarial Training for Non-Actuaries (Life Insurance Financial Aspects)

“The Actuarial course conducted by Ms. Saroja Gunatilleke was exceptionally beneficial.

As a beginner, I was presented with straightforward concepts and examples which I was able to grasp instantaneously. This well-crafted course covered the depths and surfaces of Life Insurance Financial aspects. As an undergraduate, this course has been immensely advantageous as it was a great way to initiate my interest in Actuarial science.

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